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Myra Daugherty


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As a Realtor for the State of Missouri I look forward to helping walk through step by step the details of buying and selling. You, the client, will be my number one priority throughout the process of making your real estate dreams come true. I enjoy seeing others thrilled with finding a dream home or selling to start a new chapter in their lives. I love working with the best broker around and excited to be serving Nevada and all of Missouri. 


I am very involved in my church and the greater community of Nevada. I love spending time with my family and serving as our Pastor's wife, teaching  college aged students, leading our women’s ministry, teaching our Kid's Core on Wednesday nights, and being a part of our worship team. I love serving our community, especially those who are in need.


I am a member of the Missouri Realtor's Association and the National Association of Realtors.


Please feel free to call me for a free consultation on what your house is worth today or if you just want to start looking at houses to purchase.

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